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  • Monkland

    Monkland is a small region made up mostly of cold wetlands in Western Calerias. h3. Capital The capital of Monkland is Mondaj in the North Central region; it is a canal city built over the waters of Lake Ajal. It is firmly part of the Crimson …

  • Calerias

    Calerias is the largest known continent of [[Atheron | Atheron]], lying east of Boria, northeast of Hymotos, and west of Narakand. It is roughly analogous to Earth's Asia in geography and culture. h3. Geography [[Hyrkania | Hyrkania]] …

  • The Vinghus

    The Vinghus is a region of [[Calerias | Calerias]] comprised mostly of steppes and plateaux. Its people, the Vinks, are semi-nomadic tribes that have been warring with each other for the past century-and-a-half over the few viable herding grounds of the …

  • King Crimson

    “By the will of the gods King of the Crimson Realms, High Lord of Kvadlingia, Archwizard of Monkland, and War-Chief of the Vinghus…”