The world of Atheron is an alternative version of Earth, with the known continents of Boria, Hymotos, Calerias, and Narakand being analogous to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, respectively.

The continent of Boria lies just south of the North Pole and the fabled site of Urd, west of Calerias, and north of Hymotos across the Midgard Sea. Its regions can be divided into Jotunheim and the Howling Mountains in the North, the Umbrian Isles in the West, the Brabantine Lowlands in the East, the Theban Isles in the Southeast, the Orimese Principalities in the South, the Haliscan Peninsula in the Southwest, and all of these territories bounding the Freelands spanning central and western continental Boria.





Atheron features a wide variety of rational animals, the most populous of which are humans, dwarves, gnomes, elves, and halflings.


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