The Vinghus

The Vinghus is a region of Calerias comprised mostly of steppes and plateaux. Its people, the Vinks, are semi-nomadic tribes that have been warring with each other for the past century-and-a-half over the few viable herding grounds of the region.

The region is now part of the Crimson Realm, with Kiamo Ko swearing fealty to King Crimson following his decisive victory over War-Chief Orzun at the Gates of Panic. Thus far Clutch Bulak in Doldap is the only place in the Vinghus to fully implement King Crimson’s utopian schema, with a new city being planned in Yugho.



Doldap is the name of the north-central region of the Vinghus, dominated by the vast Oldap plateau. A spring lies at the center of the plateau, where peoples of the lesser tribes established the settlement of Clutch Bulak as a sort of neutral watering hole among the tribes.


Kiamo is the western region of the Vinghus and the most mountainous, dominated by Mount Kyem. The region and all of the Vinghus is ruled from the stone fortress Kiamo Ko, a bastion set into the foot of Mount Kyem.


The eastern region of the Vinghus, and the lowest in elevation. The tribes of this region are noted for having the longest standing trade with the Middle Kingdom on the southern Vinkish border, before the mandarins closed the border. The Yuk tribe made this region their pastures, settling around the springs at Clutch Jun. The settlement is now the site of King Crimson’s plans for a new city, which has no name as yet.


The Stone Fang

The Stone Fang is a notorious group of assassins that has catered to the weaker tribes of the Vinghus.

The Vinghus

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