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  • Atheron

    The world of Atheron is an alternative version of Earth, with the known continents of [[Boria | Boria]], [[Hymotos | Hymotos]], [[Calerias | Calerias]], and Narakand being analogous to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, respectively. *Boria* The …

  • Boria

    Civilization in Atheron is centered in Boria, a continent roughly analogous to Earth’s Europe. After the Lost Age of Man, the Elves appeared in Thebes, raising up mighty city-states. After decades of civil war, the Theban Isles settled into a millennium …

  • Hyrkania

    Hyrkania is region of Southwest Calerias comprised mostly of wind-swept plains and peopled by motley nomadic tribes.

  • Calerias

    Calerias is the largest known continent of [[Atheron | Atheron]], lying east of Boria, northeast of Hymotos, and west of Narakand. It is roughly analogous to Earth's Asia in geography and culture. h3. Geography [[Hyrkania | Hyrkania]] …