Civilization in Atheron is centered in Boria, a continent roughly analogous to Earth’s Europe. After the Lost Age of Man, the Elves appeared in Thebes, raising up mighty city-states. After decades of civil war, the Theban Isles settled into a millennium of peace, during which dwarves migrated onto the island of Umber and into the regions just south of the Howling Mountains, while gnomes settled Northwestern Calerias. In the middle of this millennium, humans reappeared in Southern Boria and on the Ka’athir Peninsula, from which they migrated in all directions and came into contact with the Theban Elves. The elves, meeting humans and hearing of gnomes and dwarves, saw themselves as foremost among creatures and as right stewards of the lesser races. Led by King Milinda of Lacaos, the Thebans made conquest of the surrounding regions. The military conquest quickly faltered under divided leadership, leaving only small settlements and tokens of Theban civilization in Orimo, Hyrkania, Northern Hymotos, and Ka’athir.


The Brabant


Haliscan Peninsula

Isles of Umber


Principalities of Orimo

Theban Isles


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